The Calamari Files
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2002-12-12 16:29:59 (UTC)


Good afternoon

it's twenty past four in the pm, i've just had a critical
reading and writing skills lecture.

Past two days have been good, on tuesday i got really
stoned and attempted to respond to ed's text but i couldn't
cause i thought what i was trying to say made no sense, so
i rang him and i couldn't speak properly. then i rang him
back cause i forgot how to spell `twelve`. i thought it
started with `sch`. it was nasty. and someone was listening
to war of the worlds at a volume where i could just about
hear it, and it was freaking me out man.

Anyway, i went to meet ed yesterday and we had a cool time,
we chilled out and chatted about tuesday and all that
stuff, it all seems cool again. It's messed him up a bit,
but thats good, cause i feared he'd just try and pass it
off as something he did when he was drunk, and that would
have been shit. But yeah, just stayed there till bout
twelve and he gave me a lift back.

my hands have cleared up, so i don't have a clue as to what
it could have been. mysterious...

thats about it really. im going to lancaster to see my good
friend sam bacon this weekend, and my brother dave. take
the gamecube, get some sky digital action, and just chill

tonight i shall get some serious eating (my dad put money
in my account, woohoo!)- probably chilli and rice with
nachos and cheese- and do some of that iraq essay.
Bah, humbug.

And why is it SO COLD???

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