Krazy Kat

My Psychotic Ramblings
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2002-12-12 15:48:02 (UTC)

What's going on?

Hmmm...Where to start...

I was sick again for a while. I think this tyme was
because I ran out of Neurontin and didn't bother to get
more... So I quit cold turkey. My father went and got it
because I was too sick to care about it. Once I took it, I
felt better, but I also lowered my dose of Serzone again.
I'm only taking 100 mg now. That's probably not enough to
clear up the depression...But I don't want to take more
because I'm afraid it'll make me sick again. It all
sucks. That's all I know.

I think I'm done with my Christmas shopping now. Though,
I'll probably get something small for my cousins Cody &
Dylan because all I got them was E.A. Poe books, and I
doubt they will appreciate them at their age (10 &12). I hope they
like them, though, Poe is awesome and I want Cody & Dylan
to experience the greatness of his words.

Yesterday I went to the doc's for lab. First, I get there, and some
old man called Tobey a DOG?!?! Then a little boy threw up in the
waiting room. It was okay, but it was just ridiculous when I got to
the lab. Everytyme I go, they have a hard tyme getting my blood.
She put the needle in one arm and...nothing. So she moves
the needle all around in my arm and made it bruise. No
blood, though. So she stuck my other arm with
a "butterfly," and got some blood. I was planning on
asking for a vial of blood for myself...But the lady was
having such difficulty I decided not to. Now I wish I
woulda. Though, I doubt she would have given me one.

My Beau came over last nyte. Man!! It had been SO long since I had
seen him. We watched a little bit of Austin Powers 3...But I had
already seen it and didn't like it, so we went to my room and laid
down. I kept getting scared, so My Beau put me on him and that was
better, but I didn't have my Pacie, so I was still a little bit
upset. He woke me up and we fooled around some, and such. And we
talked, or rather, I talked. Then he left and I really didn't want
to see him go. But to-morrow I might get to see him again. I hope
so... I Love him so much. I want to be with him always. I want to
be held.

I got the school situation all figured out. Just gotta read that
damn book, and do two charts. It sounds easy, but it's going to be
hard for me. Maybe I'll get it done before Christmas Break and my B-
day. Just maybe.