down in my eyes
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2002-12-12 08:19:13 (UTC)

I need some sleeping pills.

Listen to my music. cuz it's hard. it's angry,
i'm depressed.. & it's just damn good.

"NOTHING's alright.. NOTHING is FINE.
I'm Running 'n I'm Crying.."

- Papa Roach

"Should of been, could of been
Would of been dead."


"Well its time to WAKE UP,
'N separate FEELINGS,
That I keep FALLING into.
Each seem like good REASONS,
That I feel I'monna BREAK DOWN.
I don't CARE if it shows up..
I'm praying this FOR YOU,
Until it turns it ALL safe."


"When it's over...
That's the time you're in my heart, again."

"Stand and deliver- your money or your life"

-Sugar Ray