Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-08-29 07:06:06 (UTC)

Cool Night!

Okay, today, i hung with david! David is awsome, he reminds
me alot of Matt! He works with my mom, and we hang together
at his house until like, 2 30 in the morning! He is really
nice, and we have alot in common, like, we both listen to
almost any music, and we are both very uniqe, and we agree
with movies and such, its just really cool. He just moved
to cdga. and today at 7am he goes to school! first day and
he has hardly any supplies, ha ha, thats funny, thats like
me! His roomy is pretty cool too, he is like a hard core
irish man! And he has these giant oscars that are cool!
yeah, and he is cute, but too old i suppose, and was too
drunk! Mark is cool too! Jenni lives over near them, her
and jon! :-. I dunno, I helped david move in to his appt.
it took us 3 hours to put together a bed, and there were 3
of us, me, who has good mechanical skills, just dont put
them to use that late, and his friend jessica, who wanted
to put the bed together to sleep in it (her motivation to
stay awake that long) and david who surprises me when he
says he knows what a screw driver is, and not the one with
vodka in it is! :-O but we are all cool, he mark and i all
have to hang out together some time! (ohh look at that
GREAT grammer there! ha ha) okay well i am going to bed
now, ta ta!