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2002-12-12 06:01:28 (UTC)

12th December 2002

So its 13 days to christmas. And I haven't sent out any
christmas cards yet. shoot. I really gotta start cracking
on them. This is how many cards I have written so far: 1.

I sent a package to YZ. Its actually an assorment of gifts
from us to him. Apparently, he didn't receive a single
present during his birthday because he's all alone
overseas. So me and a couple of frens decided to give him
some stuff. I bought a tee for him, and Denis bought a
book. WK gave him a card. He was pretty pleased about it.

I didn't update for quite some time.. so let's see...

I stopped seeing ah fat for a while. we decided to stop
seeing each other because it wasn't leading us anywhere.
But then now, we're back together again. I'm giving this
whole r/s a lot of space cos I'm not sure if i want it at
all actually. I'm not sure if it would work out. We're just
too pally to be intimate with each other. It feels weird.
So in the meantime till things settle down, we're taking it

I'm also actively looking for a job. More actively than
before, I must say..

awritey, gotta go. lots of errands to run today.