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2001-08-29 06:11:38 (UTC)

Stupid jerk

tinsy4you: god
tinsy4you: check this shit out
tinsy4you: from a guy taht i introduced my cuz emily to
tinsy4you: well....emily got a bif
tinsy4you: UCplayaSB: y didnt u tell me ur cuz was taken?
tinsy4you: huh?
tinsy4you: because i havne't talken to her in a long time
UCplayaSB: she told me she had a bf

tinsy4you: and i havne't heard yet for goddsakes
UCplayaSB: god i never should have talk to her

tinsy4you: why not?
UCplayaSB: she a playa

UCplayaSB: she shouldnt be leading people on like that

tinsy4you: ok.....she wasn't leading any one on
tinsy4you: and,......she's not a playa
tinsy4you: first of all....i'm her cousin
tinsy4you: i should be the last fucking person you talk
about her like tat to
tinsy4you: understand?
tinsy4you: tinsy4you: understand?
UCplayaSB: y dont u go ask her then u see whos fucking
lying aight

UCplayaSB: and one more thing, no one cusses at me aight

tinsy4you: i wasn't
tinsy4you: but now you're becoming a fucking ashhole