lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-12-12 05:37:58 (UTC)

calling all germs... can attack me now!! i promise i'll have no
problem with being sick for just two little days...haha.
my body is so dang close to being sick anyway...the
whole fatigue thing is gay and i've had a lot of bruises
lately so i figure i have to go back to taking my iron...but
whatever. all i know is that i'm on the verge of
collapsing and i've fallen asleep at school, work, in the
car, basically every possible place...and i think i'm
doing angel tree this weekend so i have to wake up by
8 am...bleh. maybe i just won't do it?

so life's just pretty stressful with finals being in 6 days
and all my projects due by yeah. but i'm
sooo excited for christmas!! soooooo excited!!!! i just
love it so much. ah. don't know what else to
say...except DANG i totally forgot about christmas's gonna cost me so much...and there's no
way i can ask my parents for that kind of money. man.

hmm today when i fell asleep, i woke up thinking "dang
it's only wednesday and i totally don't get to see my
boyfriend until at least friday"...pretty random but pretty much
how i feel. arrrrrrgh. and i've been so tired that i haven't
been very friendly to him...but i want to hang out w/ him
soo much. man. it's one of those nights where i can't
wait for him to call...dang i hope i don't screw this one
up. i really like him.