good times, good times
2001-08-29 06:00:09 (UTC)

my first day of school and other less than exciting topics

my first day of college, like regular semester college
anyway, was yesterday, and so of course i was sick and puked
my guts out 30 minutes before my first class. how typical is
taht? i didn't even go to work yesterday cuz after my last
class i came home and fell asleep and didn't wake up till
they called looking for me and i was like sorry cant make
fun stuff...really

today was better. school was alright, and lyndsey's ex, nick
took my to hunan's and we went and saw rat race. that movie
is hilarious! we origionally were going to go eat at samari
of tokyo which is my alltime fav. resturaunt, but they close
at 2 and we got there at like 2:15, of course. i just love
how that stuff works out. he's a really nice guy, but not my
type. i'm a little concerned that he might have got the
wrong idea and thought it was a date or something cuz he
gave me his # and told me to call him anytime.

i bought some clothes for cody's lil sis's. i feel so sorry
for that family. im so glad he gets to live here at the
house...poor thing!! his mom's got 3 kids-each with a
different dad. cody's dad disappeared when he found out she
was preg. with cody, one of the girl's dad's molested cody
and now he's in prison, and the other girl's dad killed
himself. she lost her job, and her house, and her live in
boyfriend who apparently is a nicer guy than the last 3,
doesnt have a job either. my family (aunt and uncle) have
been helping them out them a house, appliences,
jobs, and cody lives with us. we all love him like he's one
of our own. he's like a little bro. to me. anyways, i went
with aunt b to take the clothes over and i finally met the
little girls, and the boyfriend, and the boyfriend's son.
they were all real nice. the littlest girl is just as tiny
as can be. she's such a cuttie! she's got curly brown hair
and is missing her two front teeth and she giggles alot. the
other one is cute too, and she's also pretty shy. i was
glad to finally meet them. i still haven't met cody's mom. i
just hope everything works out ok for them!

i went out with this guy brett that i met a while ago when i
was still dating lance. he went out with me and megan and
the josh's the other night and we flirted big time. there
were several times when we were at hastings killing time
that we were fighting over a pen (one of those things that u
do when there's noting else to do and serious boredom has
set in) and we were inches away from kissing. not relly sure
why we never did. anyway, we watched a movie at megans and
he started playing with my hand, before it was over he got
up and went to the kitchen and got a drink and when he came
back he started playing with my hand again and slipped a
piece of paper into it with his # on it. so i called him
yesterday, and then he called me today, and we went out
tonight after he got off work. he's pretty cute, and good
kisser among other things..