up close and personal
2001-08-29 05:50:59 (UTC)

Well to start out I will tell..

Well to start out I will tell you a little about my self.
Im Lindy Anne C***** and I was born down in the dirty south
of good ol Mississippi but no i am not a hick. As of now i
live in Ohio in the most boring place on earth but I try to
make it exciting. Now i guess i tell you what i look like
well i have real nappy lookin hair and im missing my two
front teeth.... ha j/k... actually Im about 5"3, 115 lbs.,
short/medium blondish/brown hair, blue green eyes not to
exciting but hey... lets see im a level 9 gymnast and also
on the highschool team but i really dont enjoy doing
gymnastics too much ne more... Im an All star cheerleader
OO yea!! and for highschool woohoo... I got a few awesome
friends Roqi is the shit she seems soo innocent and quite
but really you all need too watch out man... now Arielle
your the craziest person I know sometimes im just not too
sure what goin on in your head... Sara your awesome even
though we are total opposites we allways seem to have
fun... I guess i seem shy but once you get to know me im
not at all im usually pretty crazy... somethings i like to
do are dance i always dance its the best i look like such a
fool but i dont care i flip through all of the music
channels and try to dance to each one its the best and
pretty entertaining well i think that might be enough about
me... talk to you all later! ~Lindy~