good times, good times
2001-08-29 05:44:08 (UTC)

written yesterday in a low moment, revised today in a somewhat higher one

as a tear trickeled down her cheek she pondered her
misfortune, and wondered what she could have done to lose
the only one. she cried out to him from that very bottom
shadowy place in her heart and prayed for the phone to
ring--to hear his voice, just to hear him shape out her
name, she had always loved the way the syllables rolled off
his tounge. it always sounded so sexy... to see him, to have
him grace her existance with that wink that had always made
her heart do flips. tears flowing freely now there was a
puddle of the drops forming, and she could almost see him in
it. she wished it was his reflection instead of her
what could she have possibly done to lose that one?
the one who could convince her with one look with one word
that she would have followed anywhere to the ends of the
earth and back if she had thought he wanted her to.
the torrent somewhat subsided, she sniffles quietly to
herself and stares at the phone waiting for the call that's
not coming...