Kaleigh's Journal
2001-08-29 05:30:25 (UTC)

Hello World

Well, this is my first entry in my JOURNAL! (not diary) And
all I have to say is Hello World...You suck. Okie dokie.
Enough negative (sp?) comments. I'm bored out of my mind
right now. I guess that's why I made this thing to begin
with. Hmm...lets see here. I think I'll talk about...Boys.
This one boy in particular. I'm not naming names because I
might have sent this link to him. But I will say...if I go
camping this weekend I will probably see him there. Gee. I
hope I do! haha. Ok. But his dad is being a butthole and
might not let him go. Oh well. But see the thing is...I
enjoy being single 'cause then I get to flirt all I want.
HEHEHE I start school on Thursday. Ugh. I really don't
wanna go. The only good thing would be that I get to see
MOST of my friends. After 8th grade, half of the class is
going to Sierra Vista while the other half is going to
Durango, where I'm going. I'm going to be a deranged Ho!
hehehe hahaha hohoho. OK. I'm stupid. and Damn proud of it!
But I'm also kinda tired. Well, actually I'm not but i need
to go to bed earlier. Ok...well, good-bye World! k lee