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2002-12-12 01:57:57 (UTC)

New Journal for Nick

So I got a newjournal because we all know dead journal
sucks nuts. Also I would like to say now Sarah might have
steped a little closer in to my life then she should have
but I just can't hold things back from her. It's not like
she drains me of it just that maybe she could help me... I
hope so much that she can. Is it normal to laugh as you cut
open your skin really? I just want to hug her forevere when
I'm around Sarah :) Sometimes I hope she comes down my hall
second pr so I can grab her really fast and steal her away
from her stupid class. Yeah I was going to kiss her but I
didn't because nicks a dork and Jake and Trevor were
standing around us. Also why does hair have to suck so much
what does it really do for us? All we do is wash it and
wash it and wash it and it gets in are way. Ugh give me the
clippers my hairs going to hell jking. I couldn't do that
to something I have to take care of so much ugh.Well today
was good other then that stuff I did alot of typing in the
computerlab at school also finally got my project done for
english which leads me home and nothing else to say but
good by and I will always Remember Sarah for the things she
is or has helped me with ;) Later