My Reality
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2002-12-12 01:48:42 (UTC)

things i think of in philosophy

i cant wait to touch you and feel you touching me.
i just want to see you face when you look at me looking at
i want to wake up next to you sleeping beside of me with
your body wrapped around mine.
i want to feel so good when i see you again that it hurts
my soul to think we must part once more.
i want to feel your warm body pressed against mine as you
fal asleep with your head on my chest.
i want to hold your hand and lose myself in the warmth of
your touch.
i want us to create a wrath of heat and passion that can
only be felt in a hiddne love affair.
i want to look deep in your eyes and not fear losing you,
knowoing that after the fire subsides, i can keep you.
i want to feel the warmth of you pulsing inside of me.
i want to grasp your body and dig my nails into your soft
skin as i feel you lovign me.
i want to see the gleam of surprise in your eye as i
whisper i love you in a night of love.
in a mass of heat, sweat, and loving exhaustion, i want to
see you laying beside of me, fully satisfied.
feeling the nervousness of wanting to please you, i want to
watch you reassure me.
as you lay on top of me wanting only me, i want to see the
anticipation in your eyes, as i build up the moment before
i let you have me.
i love that you know the power you have over me.
i love that you use that power to your advantage.
i love that you love to touch me.
I want you because you are the only man who has seen me as
an object of lust and love.
i love that i am your porn,
you want to see me clothed, or not, and i love that it
doesnt matter, either one peeks your interest.
i love how you touch me as though you were afraid to break
i love that you have a beautiful mind that oftentimes
overshadows your impressively perfect body.
i love to wipe the sweat from your body as you look
lovingly at me just after pleasing me wtih all your
i want to know that feeling of laying in your arms and
feeling completely protected once again.
i just want you to be in my life on a daily basis, and let
me know that you think of me love me and want me, because
those are good things to know.