Unexpected Mysteries
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2001-08-29 04:13:43 (UTC)

Sleepy Time

Guess it's time to go to bed, I've had a most exciting day,
a dead TV watching evening. Been thinking about all the
stuff that requires money, that I need to take care of.
It's making me sick. So, I will continue to have patience
and trust in God, and wait until Sarah goes to school.
That's about all that I can do at this point, just don't
have the support that I need.

Damn....single motherhood is no joke!!!! If I had known
that my screwed up marriage was going to be like this, I
never would of gotten married. I made sure that when and
if I was to marry that I did everything that I wanted to
do, and I did. Now, I'm in such a rut with this dead beat
of a man, that I feel so alone sometimes, when I shouldnt
feel that way. Nick is living in his comfortable home, and
I'm just in a fucked up situation here. It makes me resent
him sometimes, but he's doing what he's suppose to be doing.

Well, it's good nite for me.

Sometimes, I wish I had someone to talk too, someone to
hold me through these tough times, someone who could take a
load off of me. Someday it will happen. I'm just tired of
thinking about everything.

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