Relm Of Darkness and Insanity
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2002-12-12 00:26:16 (UTC)


Dear Diary
Today was a really weird day. I was over my Grandma's like,
everyday.(She has alzheimers and we had to go everyday
since the summer)Doing my homeschooling (just started this
for 8th grade back in Aug.)Well I was sitting
in the living room doing my schooling and listening to the
sounds of alzheimers. Today my grandma was a bit upset. She
can't remember who her children are anymore and it's a bit
upsetting but you get use to it. She wore her snow boots
around the house and was acting a bit weird but oh well.
In other news, I am attending a sleepover on Friday. It's
for my friend Leah's bday. She's finally going to be 14. I
will be turning 14 next month. My mom says I don't have to
get a job right away. Right now I'm talking to some boy and
my friend Jen. Im bored so I think Ill get back to my life
au revoir

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