A Dream Gurlz Life
2001-08-29 03:06:42 (UTC)

Better Dayz

Today Has seemed to be a little better day. Besides the
fact that I woke up and lost my voice so I couldnt really
talk but its all good. I talked to Erie some and I dont
plan on telling him anytime soon about me liking him. Just
stick it out as friends and who knows mabye something will
happen. But I went and saw my sister today and also went
w/my nephews shopping. Its cute my 13 year old nephew's gf
wants to meet me haha But i dont know. I was being hit on
by my nephews friend which was actually kind of funny. I
actually helped out some of my friends today so I'm glad to
do something like that. there is another guy that i kinda
like. Actually there is a lot of guyz i kinda like haha but
this guy i met walking down a street haha its kinda funny.
I'm not for sure he totally likes me either. Like when we
are together we sometimes hold hands and stuff and he told
me today he loved me but i'm not sure. Sometimes I get
mixed signals which sux! haha but i dont know right now i'm
so hyper and in a great mood for no reason! Not much can
ruin it right now but I"m going to go for now cuz my throat
hurts really bad and i cant stop coughing, I also start
school tomorrow and have to get up early talk to you guyz
later bye! *~DreamGurl04~*

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