Electric monkey
2001-08-29 03:05:17 (UTC)

8-28-01 [day of Tues]

so, im sitting here watching that madonna live thing again.
its pretty good. although im not that big a fan of hers,
well not at all really, its just a really awesome show. im
glad its on again. i didnt get to see this part the other
day. woohoo!
so anyway. its tuesday night. im not doing anything. just
trying to think of things to draw for stained glass. ive
got 4, just need 2 more. yeah.
ok, now ive seen the rest of this show now, from here on.
but im still going to watch it again. heh. although i did
get up early this morning well, earlier, so im kinda tired.
so that sucks. its not even 10 yet. [9:47]
ah... yep. i dont have anything interesting to say..
nothing that i can think of at the moment anyway.
oh yeah, in yearbook jessica and i got selected to be
section editors for Student Life. so thats nice, the cool-
ish section in the yearbook is ours! heh...
thats about it...
im going camping this weekend. friday-monday...
alright, i should go.