Darkening Thoughts of Nevia Lexi
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2001-08-29 03:04:00 (UTC)

day 1

Dear Kelly,

This is my first day of writing a diary. I don't know what
to write about anyway. Miss Mitchell insisted that we
should have a diary that expresses our inner most feelings.
That's cool and all, but I don't like writing a diary
still. It is like telling the world about what you do and
think. What if people steals the diary and published it to
the web or something? That would be so horrible.

Ok... let us see what she told everyone to do.

1) Tell how the diary looks like
2) Introduce me to the diary
3) What's my diary's name
4) A profile of myself ... Lol. I don't even know what to
write a diary - I should write a profile already? I should
ask Jamie about it. He might help me there.

1 - My diary is red in color (wonderful. I don't even like
red). Not the most prettiest diary I had ever seen on
planet earth - but it will do. Back to my diary
introduction. It is hardcover - and the red cover is
actually somewhat like some old books - you know the kind
that is like made of some material and bind close the the
paper or wood... I don't know which is which. Anyway - the
papers in the diary is nice. It is slightly pale tan in
color and smell kinda nice. I think that's because I
sprayed perfume on the paper.

2 - Oh. Introduction of the famous Nevia Lexi.
I am 16 yrs old, and a sophmore student in some boring out
of the planet High School. Like I am going to write that in

I am the only child in the family, so I wont introduce my
non-existing siblings. My parents are somewhere at the
moment... Anyway, since this is going to be about me - I am
only going to write about me.

My hobbies are painting, writing poetry, hanging out with
friends, going online, and reading a really good book.

I dont have a boyfriend yet, and don't plan to have one
until I am prepared for such heavy commitment. Jamie is a
fine guy, but he is hardly interested in me. Furthermore -
I don't think he ever realises that I am a young growing
lady, not with his preferences.

Oh! I have a cat :) and his name is Shortie Maximillious.
He is such a great cat - although very flirtatious and well
father to many great cats here in the neighbourhood. You
can tell by his swag that he has conquered another female
with his charms and well ... ahem, his capability to make
the female cats go gaga over him and the males cats go
growling at his sight.

3- Kelly is my diary's name. It is a tribute to a friend
that died in some freak accident. No one knew it but Kelly
was living with an alcoholic, prostitute junkie mother and
her mother's boyfriend who was the pimp. Every day when her
mother was high on the drugs or with her clients, Kelly
would be raped by her mother's boyfriend and his friends.
They would treat her like a bondaged slut and somehow that
made her so easy to be abused by every guys here.

Life ended, I guess, for Kelly a long time ago, and she
just gave up on everything.

She died in her room - I don't know how - but I guess the
bondage stuff that was done to her killed her. No one is
saying a thing though. But they arrested the guys,
including her mother and her mother's boyfriend.

How I knew she was in that kind of situation? Well, I
received all her diaries from her dad. It seemed she wrote
a will that all her diaries were to be sent to me. It
seemed she sends her diaries to him for safe keeping and if
something ever happened to her, the diaries were to sent to

I didn't even knew her well. We weren't the best of
friends, actually. But I am glad she thinks I am one of her
closest friends. I will always remember her...

Oh, I checked the sites for bondage on the internet and
they scares me. How freaky could that get anyway? No
offence to the bondage interest people, but it is so scary
to even try such things.

4 - A criminal profile of Nevia Lexi.
A quiet, young lady who likes to paint and write poem.
(Jamie doesn't want to help me by the way - so I am just
writing down what I think is right.)
Has a small number of friends since childhood.
Ummm... help!!!! Help!!!!!