Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
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2001-08-29 02:59:32 (UTC)

Rocky Horror!

Gini and I and Miriam had so much fun at Rocky Horror
on Saturday. It started at midnight and we didn't get home
until 4:30am. It was lingerie night, and we dressed up
really skimpy. I was in a black corset/teddy thing with
garters and fishnet thigh highs. Gini was in a corset, and
a leather mini-skirt with a garter belt and thigh highs.
Miriam was just in a slip with ripped fishnets. It was
great. We were Rocky-virgins, so we had to go be de-
virginized in front of all the other Rocky-goers. Gini and
Miriam were pseudo-butt-rammed by a bunch of hot Rocky
guys. I was chosen as a "special virgin", and had to go
onstage and take off my bra and put it on some guy. It was
really scary being up there in front of all those people in
practically nothing. The show was really good, the guy that
played Dr. Frank Furter was really hot. I have a thing for
transvestites, I guess that's really wierd. Only the hot
guys that wear leather and garters and lots of eyeliner (I
like crossdressers, not transsexuals). Guess I'm a freak.
But I already knew that.
Gini's on vacation with Coby, she's already been gone
three days, and she still has five or six left to go. I bet
you anything she's not a virgin anymore. She was supposed
to call me when she finallly had sex with him (not right
then, but just the next day or something), and we got these
really wierd operator messages on our machine that I think
might have been Gini trying to get through. It happened
today and yesterday.
Ryan and I got really stoned and watched Fantasia last
night. I love that movie. I think the Fantasia 2000 movie
is lame though. Nothing can beat the original. Okay, that's
all for now, nothing much is happening, bye!