I am Jack
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2002-12-11 21:14:18 (UTC)

observations & stuff

I've finally gotten all unpacked and settled in. it just
feels like I made a minor move until I look out the window
and get reminded where I am. But it's funny how when you are
in a new place, it just FEELS like a different place. I
don't know if it's just the weather or more subtle things
like smells, humidty or altitude.
The clothing company guy, Chad, postponed our meeting
till next weekend, instead of Sunday. And also next weekend
we're meeting with a guy who wrote a short script we plan to
see if we can produce. Even though I know it may not be easy
for us to get these things going, I think we are up to the
challege. I think we've got the talent and determination
and these are really exciting possibilites...
I'm having complications getting a retail job a was just
supposed to transfer right over from Dallas into. (but that
would've just been too easy) My past manager didn't transfer
me over correctly, and now IF i do start here I won't have
many hours since they've already hired enough people. So,
I'm thinking maybe just screw that and maybe try some temp
agencies my roomate has used. (Although I've never had a
good experience out of all the temp agencies I tried in
Dallas.) Either way it'll be good for some cash until things
take off, or I find a design job. And It'll be a good way to
meet some people since I know nobody here.
It was really busy this past weekend: Start things off on
Saturday morning with me accidentally getting locked out of
our apt while Chi was asleep. (It took 30 minutes of banging
on the door and going outside and yelling and throwing
things through his open window before his coma ass woke up.)
Later we went to the Galleria near here, looked around, I
went to see about my job. Then ran some errands: stocked up
on groceries, met his brother for dinner at this vietnemeese
place. (I got some Pho, since I knew what that was. Although
I'm not a big fan of pho, this was really good) Then stocked
up on thier groceries at an asian market, then hung out at
his brother's place for a while. It was great for them to be
driven around, they don't usually have access to a car. But
when navigating it was like the blind leading the blind
since they are used to the subways and not actual street
directions. Between all the running around and trying to
unpack, Chi's been showing me alot of DVDs and playing a few
video games.
All of those distractions is why it took me awhile to
unpack. Plus the fact that I had to clean up his existing
mess as I went. I remembered from college that Chi's
apartment would never win any awards for organization or
cleanliness, but this place was incredibly messy and filthy
when I got here. ("When someone is a slob as you..clearly
are- do you know you're a slob?") I told him I'd clean
everything up now, but that it was to never get that bad
again. Luckily that's his only bad habit, otherwise I think
we'll get along living together well, and since he works
night hours, he's not around all the time which is good for
me, I need my alone time.
I still don't know if I'll be home for Christmas, but
it's looking like I'll be staying here. That'll be kind of
odd and maybe lonley not being with the loved ones during
the holidays, plus Chi is probably going to Chicago for
Christmas (again not necessarily a bad thing) BUT we were
talking yesterday about going to Monterey for New Years Eve...

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