The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2001-08-29 02:40:10 (UTC)

Fuck them all.....thats what i think....b/c know on takes the time to protect me!...

Ok well...that was a really long title but it is how i
feel....I hate being pissed off at my friends but two of
them have pissed me of them knows exactly who they
are...(or atleast i think they do) and the other one i am
pissed off b/c they didnt defend me when i was alone
and "weak without help"I guess it is only fair that i dont
mention names so i will i not mention them...ok well I just
want to thank you of my friends that have decided to place
words into my "mouth/mind" and switch my words from my mind
around...and i would also appriciate it if you would
fucking talk to ME instead of just writing it down for all
to see and for you to NOT tell me...oh well when i see you
get online sometime i will have to IM you and we will have
to talk this out/over..even if we end up yelling at
eachother we will settle this...oh well...and to the other
friend we will also need to talk b/c i just want to know
why you didnt help me when i needed it...oh well I love you
all..Ilove you Mary..where have you been?! i havent heard
from you in a lllooonnggg time!..CALL ME!!
And to Libby, GYM WILL BE FUN!!
Love you all