legally blonde

songs and poems of my life
2001-08-29 02:31:22 (UTC)

another........maybe the best

I used to say I love you, but now im not so sure that I
mean it n e more, I don’t know why, I think its cause I met
this other guy, but now im all confused, what am I supposed
too do, I thought my love would last forever, I thought
this dream could never, never, endd…….. but now im not so
sure that Im lovin you n e more, and it hurts to even look
into your eyes, and i know all this may come as a big
surprise, but once I have you I don’t want u, but I don’t
know if itll always be this way, cas I don’t want to be
lovey dovey and make a big deal about sayin hey, I want to
be ur best friend before n e thang else, because I wont
feel that I know u, but then again I don’t even know
myself, and that’s one more reason, I don’t want a
boyfriend, and I know this all may be silly, but this is me
and this is the dealy,