Messed Up
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2002-12-11 19:32:35 (UTC)

Its been a while , i know

Well sorry it took me so long to write again. Well alot
has ahpened since that lil entry. Humm. Well to start with
i moved back hom( to the east) . Well as you will notice a
trend , a ran away again. Well Steves wife came to live
with us. It made for very uncomfortable living! So i took
my dads advice and stayed home on the next vacation. In
about early september i believe . Not before Steve
advising me his wife could never no a thing. On another
HIGH note she is now "with child" lol. I find it so damn
funny! If only she knew. This experience taught me one
thing, that i never want to be the cheated on .. id rather
be the cheater. I also never wanna be used again. Which it
was MY OWN FAULT. I knew what was goin on. Hell i just
wanted sex too. So maybe we used each other. Who the hell
knows. So now that i have caught you up maybe i'll let you
in on a couple of new secrets! But it will havta wait for
another day or so as i am late for an appointment!!