2001-08-29 02:23:41 (UTC)

And we're good again.....

Well I obviously get worried too easily. Yesterday I was
really scared that we weren't gonna last and then Megan
called and said that he had paged her to ask why I was mad
at him and she told him and he told her to tell me to call
him. So I called him and he sat there and talked to his
friends and didn't talk to me very much. I thought that
was kinda rude but it was kinda because they he was driving
and they were lost so I didn't trip. But then he
accidently hung up on me which made me mad but he called
back and said he was gonna come over. THen he came over
and I went outside and I was talking to him and it was like
1:00 in the morning and then Ashley, my sister, and Jarvis
her boyfriend came out and we were all out there and me and
Ashley were sharing her last cigarette and Kalua was
smoking and all of a sudden my mom came out. Ashley
freaked out and walked over to her and I was scared to go
over there but I did a few seconds later and when I walked
over there, she was all, "So were you smoking too,
Ally??!" And Ashley immediatly said "No." And she looked
at me and I said no too. I didn't want to but Ashley would
get yelled at even more for lying about it and trying to
cover for me. I wish she would've said yes because I have
been caught so many times and it doesn't even phase me
anymore. We aren't even in trouble though. She keeps
saying I'm gonna get grounded but she still hasn't grounded