*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
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2002-12-11 18:40:14 (UTC)

I can't stop smiling

alright...so i mustered up all my strength to call robyn
(amys girl) to ask where a letter was, that was supposed
to come from amy. and what do you know, robyn and her
aren't together anymore...amy is with guess who...AMBER the
biggest nastiest dyke you will ever see. my god, i think
it's hilarious and it makes me feel so much better. but at
the same time, i'm like woh, how could she follow me up
with that?!?! ah well, i guess she realized that she can
never do as good as me. ever , ever again.

so you sit there with your "man"
stroking his chest
sucking his beard
and i laugh out loud
realizing that you are so low
so low in a class of your own
how did i ever kiss you?


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