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2001-08-29 02:04:54 (UTC)


Fortunetely, I have a girlfriend. Unfortunetely Laci lives a
town over and I rarely see her. I can say I am happy; Maybe
I'm lying. I'm trying to put it past me and get more
interested. There's another girl in my life. I'm NOT
cheating on my girlfriend. She's one of my GREAT friends and
I love her to death. Liz tends to make me smile, cry, or
speak about my problems. I know she'll always be there for
me through thick and thin. I'm attracted to Liz, but nothing
ever came over us in the relationship area. I'm pretty sure
she is interested in me. The problem is we're both involved
with different people. If I want my relationship with Laci
to work, I'm going to have to work at this. Unfortunetely,
it isn't that easy. Until I get this organized, I'll be
confused for a while. That is why my writting is all over
the place. Well, I'm out for now. Later.