Mind of a Wierdo
2001-08-29 01:54:24 (UTC)


Sometimes we wonder what it would be like to be kidnapped.
Well I have just stopped wondering. FINE! ..... RUIN MY
FUN! Okay well the kidnappers took me to Arizona ... where
we met some people called 'godparents' (snicker snicker)
Stayed with these people for three days. Went swimming in
this big hole they call a 'swimming pool' and went to see a
big old hole that they call 'Sabino Canyon'. I mean these
people kidnapped me (literally) and they took me to some
fun ass places. Well ..... so I thought. Hehehe. Okay well
then we ended up leaving that place and went North some. If
I remember correctly it was a place called 'Laughlin' O
yea ....... that would be a mini place to gamble and spend
that loads of cash in which these pitiful people had no
more life to spend it on. (Did that make any sense????)
Anyway ..... we ended up in Los Angelas the day after that.
Imagine all that time spent in the damn car. SHIT ... like
hell cept ....... nevermind hahaha. Okay ..... well we
ended up in Disneyland where my kidnappers MADE me take
pictures with them and nearly forced me to take a picture
with this 'thing' called 'Minnie Mouse'. Big mouse with a
dress on that nearly scared the shit out of my ass and down my
pants sliding down my leg and into my shoe. Hahahaha. Okay .....
then we ended up back home. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL
NEARLY JUMPED BACK IN THE CAR. But other then this
wonderful trip that I had with these people called
my 'kidnappers' formally known as my family (hahaha) I had
four days before school started. The day I dred. O wait
that would be today huh? Hahahaha. Well the day I got back
I went with Daria to the mall (that would be Friday)
Saturday I went with Daria to the mall ..... once again.
(gosh man ...... hahaha j/k) Sunday I went to my lil
cousins birthday party and Chris joined us. Then Monday I
went with Chris and Daria to the mall. Pretty much like
babysitting but by now I am used to these two. I didnt kno
how much they would disagree with each other. But I
lived .... well of course I did if I am here tellin you
about it. Hehehe. I wouldn't mind doin it again tho ......
it just gets you ready for similar situations. I just hope
that when I have my boy and girl that they are not anything
like these too when it comes to goin to the mall together.
Hahahaha J.k! Okay well ....... today would be the first
day of school. Man .... felt like I never got a summer
vacation. Went straight to all the stuff we did the year
before. Hung out in the 600 building and acting hella
stupid. Have lots of people that I kno in my classes. Yet
the stupid school happened to screw up my schedule once
again. So now I have five periods and I have to fill my
sixth period with something. I am really thinking about
taking Psychology this year ..... but then again I can do
that next year. I am just not sure yet. Then I have four
electives and two actually classes. I dont kno if I should
be happy about that or not ... but none the less I am
excepting it. Hahaha I am so lame ......... O yea that
reminds me .... I just got the 'Puddle of Mudd' cd ....
Love it Love it! And I wrote me two more stupid ass poems
that I am really proud of ..... I will be sure to place
them in my next entry. I just don't feel like goin to dig
them out right now. See how lazy I am. Shit. I didnt even
want to come and update this thing but I had nothing better
to do and I really thought I should update my good friend
TIMMY since I had not told him about my kidnapping. Sorry
Buddy .... I will make it up to you....... yea .....
hehehe. Okay well for now ...... till then ......... so
long ......... no wait ...... I never tell you bye .......
I never say goodbye ........... because I intend on saying
hello again ........ so to save my breathe I just do
this .........................