Nick's Journal
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2002-12-11 14:49:58 (UTC)

Masturbation thinking of you

we all do it. well atleast the guys, and i know you
chicks do it to so stop denying it! christ. it's not like
you're beating up babies, you're simply slipping a
cucumber, broom handle, or pillow into your pussy, what's
so bad about that? i'll tell you what, if i had a pussy
and the potential for the euphoric orgasms you all can
get, then i'd be shoving everything in there too trying to
get myself off.
anyhow, guys do it a lot. shower, bedroom, under the
desk, in the car, etc. we do it a lot, don't be fooled,
even those ultra cool guys who get all the girls do it a
lot, it's a stereotype that only nerds do it a lot.
anyhow, i was just wondering about something that would be
cool......or not depending on how you look at it.
well anyhow, you know that adage (well maybe it's not an
adage, but it should be), that when your nose itches
someone is thinking of you? well imagine that everytime a
guy jerked off about a girl, that girl would get hit by a
drop of rain.
of course this wouldn't work, because most girls would be
soaked 24/7 and those that weren't, would feel like shit.
in a way it would be a status symbol,
"hey cindy, i had to get skingrafts made ofgortex, cos of
all the rain"
think of how cool she'd be......or not, again depending on
yoru perspective of treating women as sexual objects.
anyhow, i'd feel bad for the ugly ones that stayed dry
year round.
-Fools know no fear. Heroes show no fear.-