2001-08-29 01:20:19 (UTC)


Why hello! My, my, my - I have so much to tell you
today! First of all, I didn't get a chance to tell you
about Monday because of all of the news over the week end.
Okay, well on Monday in first period I had gotten
permission from Mr.Blaylock to be the Digital Camera person
for the Year Disk team in Media, and on Monday Ashley and
this other girl was trying to steel my job away from me,
but I wont go down with out a fight to win my job! Heh
jusk kidding, but really I'm not going to back down... We
also played around with the camera for recording the "In
Your Face News" each day. I learned how to freeze a
picture, zoom in and out and some other stuff. I'm pretty
good with technology, but this camera was very different
from mine. Today in story we worked on a USA map and
answered some quiz questions. In science half of the
period we had to practice lining up because, Mrs.Fry is so
stupid. She doesn't let us talk wich is reasonable, but
she ALSO doesn't let us raise our hand. She said, "I'm a
very patient person so we can do this over and over until
we get it right." It seems she wasn't so patient because,
half way through the period she just let us come in and we
lined up in the back of the room. Then a couple of people
were whispering so she made us line up again. Then the
principal came in and asked her if she was done counting
the students yet and she said "I can't handle this class
they are too over whelming!" And he gave her this
disbelieving look and he said, "Well you have to do it."
So she said, "You do it this class is unbeliveable!" And
while he was taking role every one was good and he just
glared at the teacher. I'm pretty sure that she will be
fired soon *Yay*! If she's not going to be fired soon
then I'm going to convince my parents to let me go to a new
school. Then a girl raised her hand, (Mrs.Fry hates it
when we talk AND when we raise our hand!) SO Mrs.Fry
says, "I don't see how it's possible that you can have a
reasonible question to ask when I've already told you
students all of the intructions!" And there is silence...
Then Mrs.Fry says "WHAT?" and the girl says, "When the bell
rings do we have to stay after class?" Then Mrs.Fry
says, "No, but while we are in class we will just keep
going over the instructions because, you all seem to not be
able to follow them!" Then one of the trouble makers named
Leah goes up to the teacher and says, "You know what lady?
I did NOT come to school to practice lining up and sitting
in a freakin chair! I came here to learn!" By the way,
the reason we we had to line up in the back of the class
was because we had new assigned seats. And then the
teacher just stared at her in astonishment and Leah
said, "You know what? You don't need to tell me to go to
the office, I'd rather be there than here! And I'm going
to tell them how you plan to TEACH us!" And that's when
Leah walked out the door! LOL That was the best part of
the day! Every one started laughing and then the teahcer
said "What you need to do class is to listen and be
quiet." And then Megan (Another Trouble Maker.) said, "You
need to tell them to shut up! Isn't it clear? They wont
listent o you with your little "What you need to do"
thing! You need to get angry at them!" And then Mrs.Fry
said "Oh so I need to get angry at them?" (Sarcastically.)
Then Megan said, "You need to tell them to shut up or if
you dont then YOU need to shut up!" And then when the bell
rang Mrs.Fry said, "What you need to do class is to stay
where you are." And we all just walked out of the class.
SHe said her self that we didn't have to stay after the
bell and the VERY first rule at Sylvan Middle School is
to "Follow instructions FIRST time given!" and her
instructions were that we DIDNT have to stay after class.
And so here I am writing all of this. I can't wait to see
her reactin when we get in her class tomorrow! It will be
the most exciting period. Along with Media, I think
Science will be a favourite period of mine! Its so fun to
not have to work! But then when we get a new teacher once
she is fired we will have to work... Oh well it will be
fun while it lasts!
Best Wishes,