2002-12-11 13:09:37 (UTC)

would you light my candle...

i keep waking up so fucking early... and there's nothing to
do... i can't wait til next semester, i wont have to work
so much, we'll have 3 classes, so i'll have work to do,
and we'll be together so much more than even now.

work's okay though. i was getting stressed out last week,
then i just kinda decided its not worth it. plus my
manager really likes me i keep getting notes and movie
tickets and recognition type stuf so that helps.

well hopefully today i'll get out early and we can spend
some time together, we're both working all week he goes in
when i get out and works til like 12. but he needs money
for a new car so i dont mind..

marias baby is due in like a week and we havent taken her
stuf to her. damn it! it could have come already. i
want a baby so bad sometimes. but he says never.

ive been feeling really sick... like throwing up a lot and
my head hurts all the time or lethargic.. i dont know maybe
its just my thing coming.

i want to go see la boheme on broadway.