Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-08-29 00:46:38 (UTC)

For those who see...

I like that title very much & I think it will fit this
perfectly. Well Sunday I was very upset because that guy
the one I have been talking about, who will now be known as
LSHSdrummer was gone. He went on Vaca with his family for a
week. Well I was talking about some stuff that I refuse to
say because I now know there are certain people I can't
trust not to read this. You all know who you are. Parents,
adults who have contact with my paretns not including
LSHSdrummer or Varion. And the rest of you who know who you
are please go now. Well any way I was very upset & I called
my friend Eileen. Then she called Varion on 3 way. We were
all talking for about 20 minutes. Then Eileen had to go. I
ended up getting Varions number from her because I was
bored. I called him & I had one of the most amazing
conversations with him. Here is the list of wonderfull
conversations in ordre of wonderfullness:
LSHSdrummer @ camp
Varion sunday over the phone
Brandon a few times over the phone
Chris since I met him last year
OKay well anyway I'm sure you're tired about hearing my
life & let me get to my points. First of all I want
everyone to know how I see the world metaphorically.
Most everyone in this world is asleep. They can't see the
things that are meant to be. They can't see the signs when
they are shown to them clear as day. Then there are the
people who day dream. Those who deny what they see. Then
there are those who are awake. Who see & know the things
they see clearly. They live by them because they know they
are meant to be. It's like denying thier destiny. Do you
get me? If not you'll get it soon. Well I have to go now
because my mom is here to pick me up. Just do me a favor.
Check back in tommorrow & think about what I have said so
far. Tell me what you think about that. Be completely
honest. Please reply & tell me what you think. Well until
then I hope what I said you think about & it keeps you up
all night. Just kidding but seriously please think about
it. Thank you. Good-bye. Until tommorrow when I will come
out with the greatest writtings in the world. J/K!