Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-12-11 07:47:08 (UTC)

today was a very stressful day

I started off by waking up late....I always do. It was
raining(I think rain is only good for sleeping.) i went to
work and then came home and called it in, got ready, loaded
the car, cooked dinner, and then went to the show. It took
us more than 30min just to get to the interstate and then
an hour from there all because traffic. then we got there
and played one of the tightest shows we've ever played. And
all was good till Jon and I were leaving and Joel called
and said him and his wife Nicole got into a wreck. Jon and
I went to the hospital and was there for an hour and a half
waiting on his brother in law, seeing if they needed
anything and talking to the security gaurd about the
military(couldn't he notice by the clothes and makeup that
Jon and I weren't atleast interested in being in the
military?) he was real nice though. then we came home and
got stuck in the driveway(we have a very steep driveway and
it was slick because of the rain. Anywho please pray for
Joel and Nicole.

Epiphany of the day:Conflict is good. It sets boundries and
makes you love and respect someone more everytime. I am
thankful for rough times.