the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2002-12-11 06:52:11 (UTC)

confused much?

you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when
something bad is gonna happen or when ou think someone is
talking about you right in front of your face well i have
definitely had that feeling all night tonight

i just lost a close friend in a tragic accident
and then i may have lost my guy to a friend of mine
she says she doesnt like him and she wont date him but that
doesnt make up for the fact thati feel like he was using me
to get to her and he got some what distracted in the process

i dont know sometimes he seems sincere and sweet and great
and thats what ilike about him and then he says stuff like
i need to talk to *blah* and when i ask him about what he
gets defensive ...i said well if its about me then you
should ask me ...and then he made an excuse and said dont
worry i just need to talk to her...why would my boy need to
talk to a good friend of mine without talking to me first
i mean if he wants to know stuff about me then he needs to
ask me right.....he said that it was less personal if he
asked her ...whats that mean

im so confused ...and then at the funeral home i feel like
everyone is like what the crap are you doing here
i mean i knew robert well but i just get these looks and i
dont understand...even brandy gave me one yesterday and
didnt once invite me to RJ's or anything before the viewings
even though they were there sat and sun night i just dont
feel right

well im gonna try and sleep and ill be back tomorrow to let
you know if i still have a boy