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2002-12-11 06:51:25 (UTC)

My Diary

This feels a little gay... Oh well, when have I cared what
people said about me? Well always I guess, I've just given
up trying to fix it. Im 6'5''... I've given up on the idea
that my head's gonna grow into my ears, or that my body
can be toned too look better. Im a big goofy guy, and
nothin's changin that. In the movies, guys that look like
I do always have a great personality, that's been
sheltered through high school... Well Im loud and
obnoxious too. Im smart, I think, but I never let on. Im
lazy, and tired most the time... But Im kinda funny...
Girls laugh at my antics, but it's pretty much the biggest
turn off since scat loving. I'm not too worried about
finding someone before I die, I've found plenty. What Im
really worried about, is finding what I'm supposed to do,
what changes Im supposed too make that will make me feel
normal, and more importantly, make other people see me as
normal. Elisha made me feel normal... Im sure Ill write an
entery about her later on. College makes me feel
completely ABnormal... There's girl after girl willing to
talk too me, and girl after girl willing to blow me off,
or tell me about her boyfriend, or some guy she's totally
in love with that just happens too be a guy I know... So
for now, I'll just listen too some sad rock music, and
talk to all the girls that are far too good for me, and
build my computers... Maybe its the glasses?