little pig does poetry
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2002-12-11 06:39:04 (UTC)

I’ll never forget

our first night together.

You proudly wore a 60s skirt over blue jeans
and your hair playfully bounced
in Autumn’s chilly breath.
You rushed toward each house
and complained when I got there
first, and I took your share
from the candy basket.

And I’ll never forget
the thrills we shared,
such as brushing our feet
through crispy leaves,
or walking across
deathly dim driveways
that seem to have no end,
and the bigger thrill
of making it back out.

But I’ll always remember
parting from you that night,

thinking it’s just too soon,
and how I wished for similar nights
in following years, but already,
I had to watch you
walk towards your building,

as I entered the
warmth of mine.