"Leben ist ein Weibchen."
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2002-12-11 05:39:10 (UTC)

Dec. 10th....and a lot to talk about

Hey guys. Well I called my mom today, we had a long
chat. This is what's going to happen. I'm gonna move down
to Denver, and by March I'm guessing, by then, me and
Brandy will have our own place. My mom loved the idea of me
moving out on my own with Brandy and paying rent and shit.
Can you believe that? I was nver ready to do that until
now. I am so excited! Zach (Brandy's 'boyfriend?' will move
down there too, and he will be staying in Brnady's room.
I'll have my own. Blah, I love this.
Well, I asked Brick those questions, and even though he
didn't answer in detail as much as I wanted him to, he
still answered them all. Some answers I wasn't happy with,
but none-the-less. He loves me. I told him that I loved him
and he saud I love you feels so natural saying
that to him. He is my knite in shining armor. The funny
part about that is that he had horses too. He's such a
So I broke it to him, I said something along the lines
of "I love you Brick, I really do. With all my heart. And
you know that I'm moving to Denver (he got all sad when I
said that) but I don't wanna be without you. I love you. I
can;t imagine not being able to hold you when I want to.
So....what ties do you have to Grand Junction?" He kinda
jerked back, I knew this came as one hell of a shock to
him, so even though I wanted to be held, I didn't bother
him. He said something like " know my
mom and dad moved here just to be with me. I like my job,
I'm making a lot of money there. I'm happy here." and so I
said okay, and that was the answer I was expecting. I know
that he's thinking about it though. I can just imagine me
and Brick, and Brandy and Zach in our own appartment. Big
appartment because we all will be working, and thats 4
paychecks, you know?
I don't wanna be without Brick but I know that if I
stay here, I'm gonna fuck my future up. I know it. In
Denver, the colleges I want to go to are there, the high
school, my mom, my brother, and soon to be Brandy as well
will all be there. I won't be complete unless I have Brick
there too. I need him to hold me all the time, and kiss me
and cuddle me. Love me. I feel complete now that I have
Brick and Brandy. I feel like the gaping hole in my heart
is now filled. I have love surrounding me constantly....and
may I mention that when me and Brick make love, it is the
best, most orgasmic feeling in the world? Having him in me
and 100% of his attention planted on me...*ahhh*.
Even now, as I hear people sign on my buddy list, I
don't care. The only thing I know right now is Brick's
loving arms around my body, and him whispering in my ear
that he loves me. I don't care about any other guys. I
don't care about John Mayer, Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, blah...
I don't care about any of them, all I care about is being
with my Brick, and Brandy.
Brandy called while we were making passionate, hunry
love tonight, and I ignored her first call, but she called
again and the phone rang and rang and rang, finally Brick
just told me to pick up the phone so I did, while we were
still making love, and I was really bitchy and I didn't
mean to be, and I could understand why she didn't want to
get off the phone with me, but I just didn't want to talk
to her, you know? I dind't mean to be a bitch.
Brandy just showed up and she gave me a big hug and we
went on on how sorry we are. :) I love her, thank God I
have her. You know? She completes me too. I don't know
where I'd be without her.
The only thing I need now is my health. OH YEAH, when I
was talking to my mom, I asked her to take me to the doctor
for Christmas, and that that was I wanted. I do, As long as
I have Brandy and Brick, the only thing that would top all
this off is my health. I am sooo tired of being sick. I'm
tired of holding my side until my liver stops it's bullshit
fit. I don't want anything for Christmas but a doctor that
won't rape me in the ass. God, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Mandy Michelle

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