Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-12-11 05:36:35 (UTC)

you dropped your pocket

well i got home from work a lil while ago. it wasnt too bad
cuz tommy covered for tammy so yeah. i love him. :-D so my
tuesday was actually GREAT!

hmmm..i had chicken pot pie crust for dinner. i dont lke
the chicken and veggies inside but the crust is damn good.

hmmm....smack my bitch up.

did i catch you off guard? i bet i did.

my mind is pretty random. blah-blah-blah.

woke up this morning and went to school. had to work on
some drums tracks and record some movie music. i didnt know
what mood to go with so i just started to make up whatever
and exagerated the first mood that came to mind. i went
with creepy horror music. came out really cool.


i get to work woth tommy tomorrow! yay! hhmm....oh! i guess
carl is living with tommy until june so i may be seeing
more of him. specally if i go to tommys house. woo hoo! i
like carl. he's cool, a lil weird, but cool. and he's
always got something to say. most of it doesnt make sense
but hey. nothing i say makes sense.

i hope i talk to sean tomorrow. see if he wants to do
anything this weekend.

anyways....oh yeah. the sign store next to my work is
hiring. i'll see what the hours are and see if they want to
hire me cuz i'm so cool. the reason i was hired at
fantastic sams was because i looked "young" and would
attract younger folks. and because i look so "different"
with piercings. whatever. they said i was very smart and
very friendly and that i could conversate with old people,
my peers, and lil kids.

anyways...i'm tired. sleepytime.

catch y'all late-ah.
(yes i typed that with a southern twang)


p.s. i love my mark very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!