Ana*~TiNy AnT~*

A Place For My Head
2001-08-28 23:58:33 (UTC)

He likes me!!!!!!!

OMG, Claudio likes me for real! i mean, he told me he
hasn't asked me out coz he's afraid i might say no (of
course i wont do that!), but, i mean... i'm just soooo
happy, i like him, he likes me, could it be more perfect?
well... yeah, if he asked me out! i hope that happens, but
the girls who asked me to join their table (his friends)
started teasing me with some lad stuff...y'a know that they
say i like my best friend... and stuff, and then the two
friends asked me again what would i tell him if he asked me
to be his girl, and i said i would say yes. and they told
him, but he wouldnt believe it, that's why he hasnt asked
me yet, he talked to me... so sweet! then they started
tellin him stuff like: oh, but u like her... blah blah
blah, and the art teacher asked who liked who and Ruben
said: Claudio likes her and he pointed me, and i thought
he would deny it, but he didn't, then Daniela had this
letter from him, she wouldn't let Mireya,Fernanda or me,
see it, so finally Mireya got to take a peek and saw my
name in the letter! but she couldnt read it, coz it is in
french, and we dont know french very well. But... i still
can't believe he likes me back!!!!!!!!!!
he likes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this wasnt the whole story, it was so
much better than this