*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
2002-12-11 04:21:36 (UTC)

today, today , today...today

yeah yeah yeah. so i'm feeling rather "redundant"
(spelling) today. i went to my first yoga class with
the "moms" and i actually really enjoyed it. i feel
healthy already! *chants...mmmmmmm sahnti. or some shit
like that. oh i found out i can touch my foot to my
forehead..smooth yo!
talked to christina just now, and she's already in
houston. with the fam, yo yo yo.
frip is doing alright it seems. i dunno, we dont really
talk about deep shit, not on the computer at least. but
uh, i was supposed to go online to a chat for "spectrum"
but got home way too late, which i'm kinda bummed about.
yeah i kept thinking about amy today, which sucks, cause
i loathe the girl...but i just wanna succeed and go back to
rub it all up in her face. "hahaha look at me beatch."
(feels childish and immature)
i'm getting excited to see my brothers and my daddy and
ron. not so much for the funeral cause they scare the shit
outta me, looking at death does something to the body
mentally as well as physical.
so yeah, nothing else really has happened, except for me
washing clothes and shit. ahhhh the life of a future rock
star! (in actuality i wanna be a music producer...that's
where the monay is at) "say you a gangsta, but you neva
popped none...say you a wanksta, but ya need ta stop
frontin..." ~~50 cent