2001-08-28 23:26:49 (UTC)


Hey. I was cleaning out my old stuff and stumbled across an
old poem that I wrote when I was 14. I was so shocked at
how I percieved love then. How stupid I was to think that
loving someone would be like that...

I wouldn’t mind you in my arms
Can I touch your face in the dark?
If I look closely I can see
My lover’s children inside of me
I shall never question whenever we
Hold each other oh so tenderly
I am to be the one true love that you admire
Be your friend, confident, your every desire
I must say that you have me wrapped around your finger,
like a lace
My darling how I long for your intimate embrace
You might never know how my heart really feels
Like a hurricane of friction on a spinning wheel
Take me now into the depth of this love
And watch the night change like the sun & moon above. sickening...