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2002-12-11 03:01:57 (UTC)


portis head tonight! mmm, i havent listened to them in a
long time! it was all pinback for a while...thanks to
Agustin. aggy, you have brought my ears joy! ha, i dont even
know why i bother writing it this online diary...whats the
point...i need to know...what is what is what is. i painted
ornamints for 2 freakin hours today and only one
broke...which is pretty good for me. i dont know, i think i
like painting on mesh better than ornamints...they just dont
do it for me. lol...they are verrry verrrry ugly...too bad
they all didnt break. after the test tomorrow ill have more
time to relax and clear my brain about
dot dot dot, i do that a lot! its natural, there pauses for
me, so if you get annoyed, go away. ugh, it sucks that i
left my homogenic cd at my dads friends stuck with
vexpertine, which is a good cd, but homo is much
better...JOGA! lol...i feel like im the only one that listens
to bjork....unless your a sugar cube fan. well, gtg study.
good night.

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