The Days in My Life...
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2002-12-11 02:47:05 (UTC)

Yes, I know. I m horrible at..

Yes, I know. I'm horrible at keepin up on this thing, but
it's not anyone actually reads this thing.

Anywas.. I have lots of things to say. I'm home now.
Working. I'll be here till sept, where I am either going to
Corner Brook or St. John's. Upon returning home I found out
that 2 of my friends are pregnant. Imagine my shock and
fury when finding out that both were pregnant for 3-4
months and noone told me. Speaking of pregnancies, Amanda
my cousin is about 4-5 months now I beleive and the baby is
a boy pr so the ultra sound person thinks. I still say it's
a girl. Candices baby, Ryan has gotten to be quite the
cutie with beautiful eyes and Lisa's baby is still adorable
and is now standing.

Well, since I've been home, I havn't done much..lol. I'm
selling eyeglass cleaner at the mall. I hang out wit
friends and lately I've been playin monoply wit MOm and
Danielle in the evenings. What an excting life. All the
same, it's nice to be home.

Christmas isn't that fun anymore. It was more fun when I
could get away with giving $2 dollar gifts. Oh how things
have changed. So many gifts, so little money..lol. And the
scary thing is.. Mom has all my gifts bought, but I never
gave her a list. That is scary I have absolutly no idea
what I'm getting. More than likely it's more house stuff
like sheets or sumthin..lol. I'd like a DVD player..but oh

Anways, nt much else to say.. I'll try and update this more
often but I cant' make any promises..