2001-08-28 22:26:51 (UTC)

we are all now, entertainers

I met Brian and Jason. Nice guys. I might even be seeing
Epiphany on Labor Day!! And going to a concert as well. I
hope. Today was good. Jason is a really nice guy, I hope to
get to know him much better.

We were talking about sterotype's in English,.when we were
on the subject of how only "geeks" wear glasses. Well, I'm
screwed then. Fuck whoever. I am me. And I'm proud of me. I
am finally happy! No one can bring me down!!!

Tell them you came & saw
Looked into my eyes, noticed the shadow
of the guard receding
Thoughts in time & out of season
The hitchhiker stood by the side of the road
& levelled his thumb in the
calm calculus of reason

(a car passes)

Is there a moon in your window
Is madness laughing
Can you still run down the beach

(a universe in your body)

You used to know someone fair,
she had orange ribbons in her hair.