2001-08-28 22:26:38 (UTC)

..Dreams and reflections.. all contradictions..

Well, I've been playing my yamaha piano (something that was
very expensive and probably very cheap to make) and Ive
been goofing with my poetry.

i made a song from one of my poems called "What wicked
games we humans play"

"Dreams and refelctions all contradictions
in this bleeding world today
there is no hope
for the folk who smoke dope
to make themselves feel okay..."

it goes on. Anyways, I had played it with guitar, and it
sounds pretty good but with piano back ground music it
sounds way better.

It's another boring day and all there is to do is go online
and work on my many websites. Chat with random people, and
watch the day wither away.

I hate it when you're really bored and you start to think
of that past. For some people, it's all fun becuase they
havenice memories, nice pasts, nice friends, nice

Unlike me, the total opposite.

I am isolated. All of my neighbors around my house.. hate
me, or dont know me. My neighborhood sucks. A bunch of red
knecks, pot smokers, wanna-be gang groupies. And becuase I
choose to be my own person and not part of the herd Im an
out cast and hated.

Every one says life is too short, i however think its too