Queen Bee

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2002-12-11 02:31:18 (UTC)

Another update.

I know i havent written ina while again and its not really
as if anyone cares because im not even sure if anyone reads
this anymore except for red because she wrote me and that
is partly why i am writing because of what red wrote to me
yesterday, now i dont know if your reading this but i dont
have your number so its not like i can call you and i
probably wouldnt if i did because i heard the shit you said
about me to raven about how deep down im still a bitch and
that i need to take time to get over myself and all i have
to say is honey take some of your own advice. you told
raven that you were the only one who had guts to tell her
anything to her face but i notice you didnt say that stuff
to my face. now i really dont care what you say about me
cuz everyone who knows me and you both know the actual
truth that you think you need to prove something to someone
and hopefully soon you will wake up and realize just how
unhappy you really are, because you may think that your the
only one with a life because your going to college well
your life must be pretty boring if it consists of you not
leaving raven alone and all that shit you said to her was
not really necesary, i told you you thought you were better
than all of us and now you finally have the balls to say it
out loud, well honey that is pretty messed up. now i know
that you want everyone to think you've moved on and are
happy but we all know the truth, that your scared, thats
all you are, just a scared child who thinks she needs to
prove something to everyone by acting all "bad ass" as you
think you are, so you put on your fake attitude and go over
to ravens house and pull your little stunt and honey its
not cute and you should just get over it and your self, you
say i need to take time and get over myself, well thats
just the pot calling the kettle black.
Bye everyone.

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