Static and Silence
2001-08-28 22:17:37 (UTC)

One more entry today....maybe

I wasn't going to come back online and write today...but I
felt like I should. I wanted to write a little bit about
who I am...nothing too ultrapersonal today...just the

I am 32 years old...and I live in Kansas. I moved here 4
years ago from PA. I graduated from college with a dual
major (Geology/Biology). My dream was to be a great
paleontologist. However I would up in the information
technology field. I am a network engineer for a large
medical center. I enjoy my work...for the most part. I
still dream of going out in the field...sun at my
back...dirt in my hands...digging for signs of past life.
Someday perhaps.

Let's is a HUGE part of my life. I was in a
band for 4 years (when I lived in PA). We played pseudo
industrial music...not as industrial as it could have
been..but that was ok with me...I tend to lean a bit more
to the melodic side of musical spectrum. Some of my
favorites are, 10,000 Maniacs, Ivy, The Sundays, Autour De
Lucie, Sarah McLachlan, Dido, New Order, The Cure, Celtic
music, Nick Drake, Hooverphonic, Everything But The Girl,
Innocence Mission, Cocteau Twins, David Gray, Sixpence None
The Richer.

So you can see that playing industrial music was a bit of a
departure from my musical tastes...but that was was
an awesome experience...and the guys I played with were
some of the best people I've ever known. As a matter of
fact, I moved here to KS for my job...and many of the other
guys (3 of the other 4) moved to the DC/Arlington area.
One of them (Steve...the one I respected the most) is in a
band that is doing quite well. It is called BabyDoll
Johnson. It is kind of a goth/industrial/ambient
band...not normally what I would listen to...but I do for
some reason.

I have a little recording studio set up for myself...and I
record things for my own enjoyment. I don't sing...but as
you can see from my list above...I really tend to like
female singers.

I was married once before....for four years. I was young
and did not work out. We were both lonely...we
latched onto one another. We had nothing in common. My
life was all about school and trying to become a better
person...her life was all about shopping. She had over
$4000 in Barbies when we split. She is not a bad
person...we were just not on the same plane. She's been
remarried 3 times since then...and has an assortment of
children from the different I kind of feel sorry
for her...but at the same time she is an adult and she
makes her own decisions.

Well, I've much to tell...but I don't think I am going to
make this entry a book. Tomorrow I want to talk about the
single biggest turning point in my life....the deaths of my
two best friends.

Be well everyone.