Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-12-11 01:56:36 (UTC)

Nolan's back Finally Happy

I'm truely happy right now. 2 days ago i dumped Douggan and
Nolan took me back! I'm so happy becuase i missed him just
soooo much, it seemed like forever. i really never realized
how lucky i was to have him untill i lost him. Now that i
hav him back i'll never take advantage of him, i lvoe him
so much!!! and i know he loves me becuase i can see it in
him, and it's so sweet how he tells me right before we
kiss. he's such a sweet guy really, he's so much fun to be
with. he's jhillariouse. wow i think about him all the
time, like evory seconed, ic ant help it, i love him
soooooo much, well i'm out.