Static and Silence
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2001-08-28 21:41:30 (UTC)

Today's plight

Well, today has been one of those days that I wish I could
have back....or perhaps never happened at all. I went to
bed fairly early last night...11 PM. I wasn't feeling
well....and as the night wore on I tossed and
turned...felling progressively worse. I woke up around 6
AM...with a VERY sore throat...and my sinuses were aching

I decided I should call in to work and let someone know I
was not going to be in today. I decided to just stay in
bed until around 10:30...when my wee dog wouldn't leave me
alone. It was time to get up. I have done nothing at all
today....except feel miserable. My chest throat sinuses hurt. Ick.

My dog decided he was going to lay beside me as I am sure
he sensed I was not feeling well. He is a Jack Russell
Terrier that goes by the name of Spock. He is almost 9
years old...and has wee pointy ears when he was a
pup...hence his name. Sometimes I call him Woobie. I have
absolutely no idea why I came up with that name. I don't
know about anyone else...but I name a pet then call him/her
a different name. Well, he's been just about as productive
as I have today...just laying on the couch curled up in a
little ball.

I am trying to rest so I can go to work tomorrow...but more
importanly so I can feel better. I am sure everyone is
completely enthralled by my tale of woe today. I'll say no
more about my sore throat and achey sinuses ;-)

I have such tales to tell....and I am excited by the
prospect of putting my words here...and I think tomorrow
will be a better day. I will give some background...start
at the beginning as it were.

Be well all....

"Vulcans never bluff"
-Spock (not my little dog...but it would be cool if he
could talk)

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