2001-08-28 21:32:51 (UTC)


"Guess I'm the only one."

I strangely just woke up from a nap. I NEVER take naps but
I was so tired after school today, it was crazy. I feel
pretty good, I hope I'm not getting sick or something! Same
old same old at school today... cept I got asked to
Homecoming two more times. By Antonio and this weird
Freshman I dont even kno--haha. I love Antonio so much and
I wish I could go with him. hey, to be honest I would
absolutly love to go with all of my friends that I love.
But we planned an alternative. I'm just gunna go over there
and me and him and our best buddy libotte are all gunna
chill and watch Cheech and Chong. So funny! I feel kinda
bad, cuz after I woke up from my nap I thought I was
hungry... maybe I really was... I can never tell anymore,
but I ate a bunch of pertzels. They are good for me though,
and they aren't very many calories so, I think I should be
ok. But i still wont eat anything else today then. And
maybe, If i can muster up the energy, I'll do some

"And when you think its gone,
Its too late to turn around"

Last night I did alot of thinking about everything, as I
listened to Lifehouse on my CD player. I just felt like
crying. Thinking about everything, and trying to sort
through it all to find what I want, its so hard. At that
moment I found that all I want, was for somebody to hold
me. Not with passion and not with love... But with the
strong, good intentioned arms of a friend...I just want to
be beautiful, to me, and I want friends. And I want to have
fun. And right when I always figure this out, I end up
gettin myself in this same situation. Whats a girl to do?
Maybe I'll go listen to some Lifehouse, up inside my room,
wrapped up in blankys, Yet again, thinking... or maybe,
being as sleepy as I am, i'll just drift off into a dream,
hoping it'll all fade away.

"Just one more time, I think I'll drive on home tonight"