AJ Krause

A Splash Of Class
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2002-12-11 01:17:57 (UTC)

christmas love and tinsel sized doweries

well i wrote my FMS200 final today :(

lets just leave it at the smiley face. i have a meeting
with my boss sometime before the 18th and i'm totally
freaked he's going to be like u're fired, even though i
know its probably just a verbal warning. this happens to
coincide being late for a shift for the two people that a
mutual hatred is in effect. shhhhhhhiot. i also have my
poly sci final and the paper was just mediocre so i really
should have gone harcore for this test but i haven't.
sooooo fuuuuck. its 6:16. i have 6 hours to finish my
readings and memorize everything. not an easy task. i
wonder if i should be selective. and she never let us know
the test format so i'm going in blind. christmas music is
so nice. i just want to go buy a wrap and go shopping down
white. wish i cared more but at this point i really don't.
also my phil 120 test is going to be death. wheres the good
news hey? at least i'm going to be going back home for some
good christmas times and lots of presents and a whole month
almost of giving less that a shit about school. when i come
back i want to go hardcoreish, not so hard i can't sustain
what i plan to do, but like set aside a day to study.

why can't i just have a twin to do school for me?

oh, haha, teri wants to go to a gay bar to celibrate new
years, i doubt it'll fly with jane. to tell you the truth
i'd rather stay in with movies.